Stem Cells Therapy Chatswood

Stem Cells Therapy Chatswood
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Stem cell therapy in Chatswood: Cellular upgrades for your appearance

Regenerative medicine continues to make headway. Today, an array of cosmetic treatments crop up, and many of them use stem cells. These are your body’s raw material that is critical to the formation of new cells with specialised functions. But how can they deal with your aesthetic flaws? Although you may have heard of gene therapy with stem cells in Chatswood, they are not the same for cosmetic treatments.

When used for aesthetic purposes, stem cells are not guided to repair affected cells in your body. Rather, they make excellent material for transplants to treat far-from-perfect tissue. In doing so, they can help fight facial imperfections, hair loss, aging-related genital changes, knee problems and more.

At Star Beauty Cosmetic, you can go for stem cell therapy in Chatswood for all cosmetic upgrades. Yet, it’s of vital importance to make sure it’s not off-limits for your case.

The procedure of stem cell therapy for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation

If you turn out to be the right candidate for the procedure, you’re all set to have it at Star Beauty Cosmetic. To make sure you are, our doctors will look at your medical history to better understand what’s going on with your health.

When the procedure begins, we will collect stem cells from your blood. To do so, we will circulate it in a centrifuge. After your blood is spun at high speeds, we will be able to obtain stem cells for transplants.

Once again, these are not like stem cells for gene therapy to treat cancer or Alzheimer’s. They are to be used for cosmetic improvements only.

The procedure doesn’t involve any incisions or operative treatment. It is performed without potent drugs, either. That’s why you will be able to get back to normal as soon as it is complete.

Treat yourself to a refined look

Stem cell transplants are of tremendous value to cosmetic medicine. They increase collagen in your face and fight free radicals as antioxidants. Additionally, they nourish your skin cells and are high in growth factors, humectants and moisturising agents.

With all these effects, stem cells in disease therapy and aesthetic medicine offer a plethora of benefits. They ward off the aging process at a cellular level and result in:

  • improved skin health, including elasticity and smoothness
  • restored skin glow
  • fewer wrinkles
  • improved scalp health for hair regrowth
  • tightening effects in the genital area

Would you like to have more information on the cost of stem cell therapy in Chatswood? Contact us, and our staff will provide you with more details. If you have any concerns over the procedure, don’t hesitate to express them during a consultation.