PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

Now you can try platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation therapy in Sydney

Deep wrinkles, sagging skin, lost glow. The aesthetic signs of aging are many, and they are nothing to smile about. But here’s great news: you already have something that may help you reverse them. The thrombocytes in your blood can be used to put the aging process on hold as part of a relatively new cosmetic treatment. It is called platelet-rich plasma therapy, and Star Beauty Cosmetic now provides it in Sydney.

Are you wondering how your own blood can make you look younger? It’s all about those platelets (aka thrombocytes). When they abound in your plasma, they can be used to make PRP injections. These are shots that are administered into the area of your body that needs a cosmetic upgrade.

Confused? Let us shed more light on how it works.

The black circle indicates a cluster of platelets. PRP is defined as small volume of plasma with a significant platelet concentration

Centrifuge – External View

Centrifuge – Internal View

What is it like to have a PRP facial in Sydney?

Once at Star Beauty Cosmetic, your treatment with autologous conditioned plasma will involve three steps:

  1. Our Sydney PRP regeneration specialists will draw your blood. This is a routine procedure that causes little to no discomfort.
  2. To remove red and white blood cells, we will centrifuge your blood and extract plasma with a high concentration of thrombocytes. For this, we will use the Regen Lab equipment.
  3. Our doctors will prepare shots with your plasma and administer them into the skin area that needs to be rejuvenated.

All three steps can usually be done in a matter of minutes, not hours. But it will depend on how many areas you want to target.

The benefits of the procedure

Even a few PRP shots can make you look your youngest. When it gets into your skin layers, autologous conditioned plasma increases collagen, which is usually scarce as you age. Bringing its high level back has a stunning effect on the appearance of your skin. Think improved texture, tone, smoothness and radiance.

Skin enhancements apart, this procedure allows you to:

  • Benefit from the all-natural treatment. Avoid achieving a younger look with a platelet-rich plasma facial at the cost of your health. No chemicals and drugs are used in the procedure.
  • Beat androgenic alopecia. Along with thrombocytes, plasma carries plenty of growth factors. They can be the best remedy for your hair loss.
  • Enjoy lasting results. After all the required shots are given, treatment-related rejuvenation effects will remain for several years.

Do not wait until those signs of aging worsen. If you want to target them with autologous conditioned plasma, book your consultation at Star Beauty Cosmetic. It’s an essential step to finding out whether you’re healthy enough to receive this treatment. Your doctor will also inform you of the cost of the PRP procedure at our Sydney-based clinic and how soon you can get it.

RegenKit® A-PRP® Advantage: 
  • The A-PRP prepared with the Regen BCT device has a very low level of contaminants.
  • Red blood cells are removed at 99.7 %.
  • The white blood cell level is drastically reduced, with a preferential depletion (96.7 %) of the pro- inflammatory granulocytes. The remaining white blood cells are mostly lymphocytes and monocytes.

*BCT stands for Blood Cell Therapy

Your consultant at Star Beauty can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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