Stem Cells Therapy

Your #1 clinic for stem cell therapy in Wentworth Point

Are you weighing the pros and cons of different rejuvenation treatments? Don’t forget to consider stem cell therapy in Wentworth Point. It can deliver phenomenal results for everything from your facial skin and hair to the genital signs of aging and knee health.

Star Beauty Cosmetic is fully equipped to provide in-office stem cell treatments. Our doctors are experienced in harnessing them as part of cosmetic medicine. This option is for you if you can’t stomach the idea of going under the knife. Our stem cell treatments don’t call for surgery and are proven safe.

Stem cells in disease therapy vs. Stem cells in cosmetic applications

With recent regenerative medicine advances, stem cells can now be used to treat numerous diseases. Researchers have found a way to manipulate their functions and implant them into patients suffering from genetic conditions, cancer, etc. This is called stem cell gene therapy.

Once implanted, stem cells are thought to combat and replace dysfunctional or otherwise unhealthy cells. To put it simply, they target what is behind a person’s ill-being, bringing them closer to recovery. However, more insights are needed for gene therapy with stem cells to become a widespread practice.

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, stem cells are not manipulated in labs to bring any genetic changes. Instead, they are extracted from your blood using a centrifuge to be re-administered as IV infusions. The procedure is similar to PRP therapy, although their effects are not the same.

It’s what your skin needs

Stem cell infusions offer an all-in-one treatment for saggy skin, facial creases and aging-related imperfections in the genital area. This is because they:

  • fill in your tissues with collagen
  • nourish your skin with antioxidants and moisturising agents
  • stimulate your body to maintain a high elastin level

With Star Beauty Cosmetic, you can even opt for stem cell therapy for hair regrowth in Wentworth Point. The infusions make the most of the growth factors to induce regeneration in your scalp area. They restore damaged hair follicles and stop baldness from wreaking havoc on your look. Most importantly, you don’t need to take any pills.

Stem cell treatments are also the best remedy for the visual effects of aging down there. They help tighten loose areas, resulting in vaginal tissue rejuvenation. Why not keep all parts of your body young then?

Whether you’re looking to even out your fine lines or regrow your hair in a bald area, don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation. Your first visit to Star Beauty Cosmetic is a way to get down to the nitty-gritty of the procedure and the cost of stem cell therapy in Wentworth Point. See you there!

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