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Non-surgical wrinkle treatments in Sydney – Injectables, personalised solutions and more

Wrinkled skin is one of those things we all hate about aging. But it’s not that bad, actually. It reflects the emotions you’ve experienced throughout your life. Wrinkles are not something you should feel embarrassed about, nor are they the signs of poor health. Still, if you don’t want them to reveal how many birthdays you’ve had so far, Star Beauty Cosmetic is here to smooth them out. We are up for the best procedures for wrinkles in Sydney – from Botox to collagen shots.

We offer non-surgical in-office treatments to eliminate the “elevens”, crow’s feet, under-eye lines, nasolabial folds and other wrinkle types. Let’s take years off your face!

Botox – The best treatment for deep wrinkles caused by facial movements

Botox injections can work wonders for dynamic wrinkles. These are the ridges and folds that appear on your face when you break into a smile or scowl. They are natural lines that become deeper as you age, manifesting themselves as:

  • eye crinkles
  • forehead furrows
  • crow’s feet
  • the “elevens”

Including Botox in your anti-aging facial treatment plan is a surefire way to remove all these wrinkles. After receiving an injection with the neurotoxin, your skin will no longer fold into unsightly lines when you smile or frown. Botox relaxes your facial muscles for some time, which helps reduce and even remove dynamic wrinkles.

Collagen injections for static wrinkles

The aging process takes its heavy toll on how elastic your skin is. When you get older, your natural reservoir of collagen dries up, resulting in static wrinkles. They refer to the lines across your cheeks and around your mouth that show up with the drooping skin.

Collagen injections make the most effective wrinkle treatment when your natural collagen depletes. They top it up again, improving your skin elasticity and keeping the folds at bay. Like Botox injections, collagen shots deliver lasting results and can be repeated at regular intervals to maintain them.

Other non-invasive anti-wrinkle procedures in Sydney

Botox and collagen shots are not the only treatments you can get at Star Beauty Cosmetic. For those who can’t receive them – for whatever reason – we provide alternative anti-wrinkle solutions. Contact us to learn what they are in detail.

Your look can have a rejuvenation boost, regardless of the creases that affect it. We promise that you will get the best solution for wrinkles in Sydney once you walk into your doctor’s office at Star Beauty Cosmetic. It’s paramount for us to factor in your age, skin type, pain tolerance, allergies and underlying health conditions first.

No more worries about your wrinkled skin. Our doctors will make it crease-free and decked out with plumpness!

Your consultant at Star Beauty Cosmetic can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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