Laser Treatment for Vascular Issues

Vascular laser therapy in Chatswood – Helping you hide those lesions for good

Are you struggling to find a summer outfit that makes your leg thread veins less visible? Are you tired of wearing makeup to cover up the web-like lesions on your face? We can make your appearance blemish-free. At Star Beauty Cosmetic, you can now receive innovative vascular laser treatment in Chatswood. Get ready to show up in any place with your head held high.

How does laser vascular lesion removal work?

Laser therapy is an unmatched alternative to surgical procedures. It doesn’t involve any cuts and needles as it only uses high-intensity light to reach the lesions being treated. Whether it’s applied to your face or legs, a laser targets the blood vessels beneath your skin and heats them to improve their appearance.

No matter the lesion type, we use a Cutera vascular laser that is called excel V. Basically, it’s the epitome of precision technology that harnesses customisable wavelengths. When you choose Star Beauty Cosmetic for vascular laser therapy in Chatswood, your doctor will configure the device for your blemish, skin colour and tone. With many setting options, excel V allows us to deal with most vein-related concerns in all patients.

Don’t worry about how painful it is because it’s not. Some patients do experience a slight stinging sensation at the very beginning of the procedure. But no medications are needed to put up with it. Besides, excel V is upgraded with a next-generation cooling system so that we can minimise your discomfort if you feel it.

Vein treatment video

Nose vein treatment video

What vascular irregularities can we treat?

At Star Beauty Cosmetic, we can use the excel V laser for vascular facial issues that are benign. Here are some of them:

Leg veins 1

Leg veins 2

Facial vein 1

Facial vein 2

Rosecea 1

Rosecea 2

Angioma 1

Angioma 2

Telangiectasia 1

Telangiectasia 2

  • Hemangiomas: superficial marks or deep bruise-like lesions that crop up at birth
  • Rosacea: red bumps with visible blood vessels that are often aggravated by sun exposure
  • Telangiectasia: red or pink spider veins
  • Port-wine stains: blue, red or purple capillary malformations that appear at birth

Cherry angiomas: reddish lesions that can be mistaken for moles

In most cases, these vascular irregularities are not life-threatening. Yet, their appearance may sometimes worsen, like disease flare-ups. Everything from the aging process to UV rays may cause deeper marks and more severe skin growths.

Your lesions are almost gone

If you have trouble living with your blemishes, you can choose to get them removed. Using the excel V laser for vascular lesions in Chatswood, we can pull it off with just one or two sessions (depending on your condition). You will be wowed by the mark-free results in a matter of days.

Vascular laser treatment won’t cost you oodles of money. Contact us for more details on pricing.

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