Skin care lovers can now enjoy top-rated microneedling treat in Chatswood

Every woman wants to look fresh and young as long as possible. However, everything from stress, health issues, and sleepless nights to poor eating habits takes their toll on our skin. Fortunately, the beauty industry is forging ahead, offering next-generation rejuvenation approaches like microneedling. This procedure works by encouraging a body to produce natural collagen that makes skin plumper and tighter, reducing the number of wrinkles and other aging signs. Microneedling is one of the most efficient ways to improve the skin’s overall texture, not damaging it. 

Here at Star Beauty Cosmetics, we use up-to-the-minute equipment like Dermapen 3™ to ensure that the provided microneedling procedure brings maximum effect to our dear clients. We boast many years of experience in the beauty industry and know how to prolong your skin youth. If you’re living in Chatswood, you’re welcome to visit our microneedling laser clinic. We will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations!

Microneedling facial - How does it work and how to benefit from it?

This revolutionary technique works by stimulating collagen production that rejuvenates face skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The microneedling procedure is performed by using tiny needles to puncture the very first layer of skin. They create control damage, making cells repair by generating new collagen that fills lines and repairs tissues. In other words, the microneedling stimulates a natural self-healing process that results in skin rejuvenation. Thanks to the advanced needling equipment we use, the painful sensations during the procedure are minimized. 

There are a few collagen-stimulating treatments available. However, practitioners find the Dermapen treatment more effective and beneficial than most microdermabrasion and chemical peels. It does not have any side effects and brings a long-lasting result. A round of six treatments over six months will make your skin look about seven years younger. Ready to say goodbye to your skin problems? Then give our face microneedling procedure a try. We have everything it takes to rejuvenate your skin most safely and efficiently. Schedule an appointment with one of our beauty experts to ask all the existing questions about this procedure and find out the microneedling cost. We are always happy to assist you with any of your queries and provide you with instructions on getting ready for this treatment. 

Face microneedling: Dos and don'ts

The given rejuvenation technique has a broad spectrum of usages. Microneedling helps remove acne scars and pockmarks, improve uneven skin texture, and slow down skin aging. What is more, it showed its effectiveness for the hyperpigmented and sun-damaged skin renewal. Thanks to this advanced beauty approach, millions of women worldwide have a chance to prevent new wrinkles from appearing on the face.

Microneedling Procedure by Dermapen

How long does it take to see results from a microneedling facial?

Microneedling doesn’t work immediately. Nevertheless, it brings lasting results. You may find your skin slightly inflamed a day after the procedure. It is a normal reaction to microscopic injuries made by tiny needles during the treatment session. The inflammation will go down in a day or two while your skin becomes tighter and smoother. Once you have undergone a course of treatment, (4 to 6 sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart) you may see drastic changes in the quality of your skin. The effectiveness of microneedling for acne and skin rejuvenation cannot be underestimated. Try out this beauty procedure to experience the first effects right off the bat. 

Does it make sense to use microneedling for scars

Dermatologists recommend using microneedling for melasma, thermal burns, and surgery scars. This procedure is safer than laser therapy or chemical peeling, causing less damage to the skin. Plus, with the advanced microneedling equipment, you can treat any part of your body. 

Dermapen 3 – The marked skin improvements are guaranteed

Dermapen 3 is an innovative device that enables dermatologists and estheticians to apply microneedling treatment in a safe, controlled, and effective way. Unlike traditional dermal rollers, a microneedling pen inflicts vertical punctures, causing less damage to the skin. Thus, it ensures a painless and highly-effective treatment that brings lasting results. Please note that the first session results may last up to six weeks. Once you run a complete course of four to six sessions, the results may last up to a year. Beauty experts recommend repeating microneedling treatment every year.

We are your one-stop microneedling laser clinic in Chatswood

Star Beauty Cosmetics is the number one aesthetic clinic in Australia, offering a variety of procedures aimed to improve skin health. Our certified doctors spare no effort to ensure each client gets effective results from the provided treatment sessions. Turn back your biological clock with our second-to-none face microneedling solution. Start the journey to younger and healthier skin today by scheduling a free consultation!

Your consultant at Star Beauty can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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