PRP for Joint Pain Treatment

Safeguard your knee joint with PRP in Chatswood

Has your doctor just told you that you have knee osteoarthritis? There’s no denying that it’s serious. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. All the pain, stiffness and tenderness that come with your damaged cartilage can go away with platelet-rich plasma shots for knee osteoarthritis. Surgery is not the only option, even when your OA worsens to its advanced stages.

Platelet therapy for knee pain uses your own plasma that is chock-full of thrombocytes. When given as a shot, it channels growth factors into the damaged tissue and promotes healthy cell production. That’s how PRR eases your pain, improves your joint mobility and stops your OA from progressing. Oh, its growth factors stimulate the healing of your cartilage, too.

We can administer shots with platelet-rich plasma for knee pain in Chatswood for OA patients looking for alternative treatments. But they should never be considered a substitute for physical therapy. PRP works best when you stick to a thought-out exercising and weight management plan.

The black circle indicates a cluster of platelets. PRP is defined as small volume of plasma with a significant platelet concentration

Centrifuge – External View

Centrifuge – Internal View

What happens when you choose to get PRP for knees?

The procedure takes something like 30 minutes. This is long enough for our doctors to:

  • collect blood from your arm to fill a special tube
  • carefully place it in a high-speed centrifuge to isolate PRP from other blood components
  • prepare an injection with your platelet-rich plasma
  • numb your knee and administer the shot near the affected joint

No severe pain is to be expected when PRP shots are given. Most patients tolerate the procedure pretty well – from blood sampling to injections. However, some report soreness in their joints, especially if they can’t stomach the needles.

Even though you may feel minor discomfort when having a shot, you shouldn’t worry. Our patients choose Star Beauty Cosmetic for platelet therapy for knee pain in Chatswood because they know they are in safe hands. We’ll be there to monitor your condition post-treatment and do everything it takes to lessen side effects, if any.

Other uses of PRP for joint pain treatment

We can also give PRP injections to relieve arthritis pain in other parts of your body. These shots can improve symptoms in your fingers, elbows, hips, etc. If your diagnosis is confirmed in any of these areas, request a consultation to try platelet-rich plasma therapy for joints in Chatswood.

On top of that, autologous conditioned plasma shots can help with:

  • ligament sprains
  • inflamed tendons
  • muscle injuries
  • pain in the neck, back and shoulders

By aiding in new cell formation, PRP injections jump-start the healing process in the damaged area as soon as they are given. Get one at Star Beauty Cosmetic to restore your mobility and alleviate your pain!

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