PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

Put your biological clock back with PRP in Chatswood

Some claim that the flow of time is irreversible. But is it? While we have neither a time machine nor the elixir of life, there’s something that can act in a similar way for your appearance. It is known as platelet-rich plasma that now makes its way into facials and other rejuvenation procedures.

In layman’s terms, plasma serves as a transporter for blood cells, proteins and nutrients in your system. It is a liquid component that takes other parts of blood to where they are supposed to be while removing waste products from your body.

When the plasma is replete with platelets (thrombocytes), it is referred to as platelet-rich plasma. But how can this carrier of blood components keep your youthfulness untouched by the aging process, you may ask? Here’s how.

The black circle indicates a cluster of platelets. PRP is defined as small volume of plasma with a significant platelet concentration

Centrifuge – External View

Centrifuge – Internal View

A closer look at platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation therapy in Chatswood

When used in rejuvenation treatments, plasma that carries a high concentration of thrombocytes is injected into the skin. This entails an array of cosmetic enhancements like:

  • skin softening and tightening
  • removal of wrinkles and fine lines
  • brushed-up texture
  • improved plumpness

These effects of a PRP facial are due to a colossal collagen boost that this plasma provides. Additionally, it promotes the natural production of new cells backed by plenty of growth factors. This can benefit people struggling with baldness and willing to regrow lost hair.

3 Steps to a younger-looking you

The cosmetic treatment that involves autologous conditioned plasma is complex. At Star Beauty Cosmetic, however, we know our way around it to deliver mind-blowing results. Our PRP regeneration specialists in Chatswood are well-versed in every step of the procedure as we have helped hundreds of patients regain their youth so far.

The steps of the procedure include:

  • we will draw your own blood in the first instance
  • our specialists will then mix it with a separating agent and put it into a centrifuge
  • once other blood components are removed, we will draw plasma with the highest concentration of platelets into a syringe to inject it back into your skin

Platelet-rich plasma facial: Cost, devices and eligibility

Treatments with autologous conditioned plasma are not for everyone. They are 100% safe for patients who have been proven to be good candidates. But you may not be among them if you use blood thinners or have certain health conditions.

To ensure that there’s no risk for our patients, we use the best lab equipment and procedure kits. We rely on Regen Lab for plasma injections as this entails leading-edge technology coupled with a proven track record of successful treatments.

Contact us for more information on the cost of the PRP procedure in Chatswood and whether you’re eligible.

Your consultant at Star Beauty can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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