PRP for Joint Pain Treatment

Ease your OA pain using PRP for knees in Sydney

As you age, it takes you longer to recover. Your body produces way fewer cells that jump-start the healing process. And if you have knee osteoarthritis, your worn-out cartilage will have trouble repairing itself, too. That’s why your joint may feel stiff and tender, making it difficult for you to go for a walk with your loved one or climb the stairs. But do you really need to get those steroid injections for short-term relief? Here’s an alternative: platelet therapy for knee pain.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also about injections. Instead of synthetic corticosteroids, however, it uses a much more natural component – your blood. These injections provide significant symptomatic relief in your knee joint, prevent osteoarthritis flare-ups and slow the progression of your condition.

How do we treat knee joints with PRP in Sydney?

We can give you a PRP injection only if we confirm that it can be effective for your condition after assessing your joint damage. The procedure is carried out at the Star Beauty Cosmetic clinic and involves:

  • Blood collection. It’s the first step in platelet-rich plasma therapy for joints affected by arthritis. We will draw blood from your arm to fill a blood collection vial.
  • PRP extraction. That’s when a centrifuge comes in. We will put the vial in it to rotate it at high speed. The centrifugal force will enable us to separate PRP from other blood products in your sample.
  • Injection. Finally, we’re ready to give platelet-rich plasma shots for knee osteoarthritis. They are injected into the joint area after we numb it.
  • Monitoring your condition. Although PRP shots usually have no side effects, slight swelling may occur. We will keep track of any possible problems after giving you an injection.

The black circle indicates a cluster of platelets. PRP is defined as small volume of plasma with a significant platelet concentration

Centrifuge – External View

Centrifuge – Internal View

The best way to control your symptoms

After receiving PRP for joint pain treatment in Sydney, your body will start producing new cells for the healing process to begin. This happens because autologous conditioned plasma has a high concentration of growth factors. They are blood-borne proteins that activate regenerative cells in your body.

Once growth factors come into play, they reduce your OA symptoms by:

  • stimulating tissue healing in the affected joint area
  • relieving pain associated with joint movements
  • improving your flexibility and physical function
  • promoting cartilage regeneration

Do you have arthritis in other joints or suffer from sports injuries? There’s more to PRP therapy than just shots with platelet-rich plasma for knee pain. These injections can also be used for hips, fingers and elbows to treat arthritis, ligament tears and tendon injuries.

You’re only one consultation away from getting started on PRP for joint pain treatment in Sydney. Do not let arthritis hold you back!

Your consultant at Star Beauty Cosmetic can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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