Stem Cells Therapy

Banish those signs of aging with stem cell therapy in Sydney

Stem cells are probably the most important cells in your body. Although they don’t have any specific functions, they serve as the building material. Stem cells can divide into daughter cells, whenever and wherever they are needed most. These are then tasked to do their special jobs, like repairing damaged tissue or beefing up your immunity. That’s why gene therapy with stem cells is now gaining ground to treat genetic disorders, blood-related diseases and even cancer.

At Star Beauty Cosmetic, we use stem cells to enhance your appearance for the sake of youthfulness. When extracted from your blood, they go into an IV infusion. This allows them to get into your bloodstream and spread out throughout your body. The procedure is non-surgical and doesn’t take long to be completed.

In aesthetic treatments, stem cells are highly multi-purpose. They act like collagen boosters, antioxidants, moisturisers and hair growth stimulators. So, if there’s anything you don’t like about how your look changes with age, stem cells can revamp it.

The effects of stem cell therapy for hair regrowth and wrinkle treatment

Stem cell infusions can fight many aging-related flaws. Some of them are:

  • Wrinkles. Similar to how stem cell gene therapy targets diseased cells, cosmetic infusions make up for a collagen deficiency. The result? Your skin elasticity is improved, leaving you with fewer creases and lines.
  • Hair loss. Stem cells are also high in growth factors. They promote hair cell regeneration without hormonal supplements, reducing the signs of baldness in men and women.
  • Drooping skin. By balancing free radicals, stem cells can minimise the effect of gravity on your skin. They are proven to target unattractive spots while plumping up the areas that seem loose.
  • Genital signs of aging. The appearance of the vagina changes with age. But stem cells can help you look young down there, too.

How much does stem cell therapy cost in Sydney?

No two stem cell treatments are the same. Different areas and imperfections that need to be dealt with require a different number of infusions. On top of that, your age, health and some other factors may also play a part.

Therefore, you are welcome to consult your doctor at Star Beauty Cosmetic first. Let us know what’s bothering you, be it knee problems or deep wrinkles. Although we do not use stem cells in disease therapy in Sydney, except for osteoarthritis, we can bring its anti-aging effects to the next level for you.

Gone are the days when surgery was the only way to get a lasting cosmetic overhaul. Now you can undergo non-invasive stem cell therapy in Sydney and watch how your skin is getting younger!

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