Thread Face Lift

Get your coveted V-shaped face with a thread lift in Sydney

Your face bears so many marks of your life’s journey. And although those crow’s feet may look cute, jowls and folds are among the pains of aging. Skin laxity happens to all of us, but it’s you who decides how to address it. If you’re sure that surgical procedures are not your option, a thread facelift will serve as a godsend to you.

Now you can enjoy the results of rhytidectomy without actually undergoing it. A thread facelift is a non-surgical way to V-shape your look, achieving a perfectly defined jawline and tightening the loose skin. The cheeks, forehead, neck – you name it!

Can’t wait to conceal the saggy signs of aging on your face? During this procedure, we can eliminate them with a wave of a magic wand. It’s called Ultra V Lifting, a TGA-approved facial threading solution.

What to expect during non-surgical facelift threading in Sydney?

If you’ve considered rhytidectomy before, you know it involves removing a portion of the skin to achieve a well-contoured look. Facelift threading is a very different animal.

During this procedure, your skin isn’t surgically altered, which is why it’s a way safer option. Nevertheless, it’s considered a minimally invasive treatment because:

  • Our doctors will use thin needles to insert the Ultra V PDO facial threads underneath your skin. They are absorbable to leave you with nothing but a younger look.
  • We will then tighten the threads with barbs so that your saggy skin goes up. It works for folds in the same way.
  • Once PDO sutures are where they’re supposed to be, we will remove thin needles. You won’t feel any pain as we will apply a topical anesthetic for threading.

When the procedure is done, you will see an incredible facial tightening effect right off the bat. But wait, there’s more to come! Although they are not harmful, your body will treat PDO sutures as foreign material and start producing tons of collagen. This will back the facelift results with improved skin elasticity for a long time.

How much does a thread facelift cost in Sydney?

Are you still thinking about getting rhytidectomy? Then you should brace yourself for paying a lot of money. Or you can avoid having a surgical operation and spending too much by dropping by Star Beauty Cosmetic. Our PDO thread lifts cost a portion of what you would have to pay for traditional rhytidectomy.

We will calculate the cost of your treatment when we’re aware of how many saggy areas you want to target. But we can vouch for the best face thread lift price in Sydney, anyway. If you need more details to make an informed decision, please contact us.

Your consultant at Star Beauty Cosmetic can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure.

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