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Are you looking for a place where you can receive an innovative cosmetic treatment while being cared for? You’ve just found it. Star Beauty Cosmetic is a Wentworth Point health and beauty clinic providing the latest non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic solutions. If there is something you dislike about your appearance, be it acne, wrinkles or spider veins, we can improve it.

At Star Beauty Cosmetic, we set out to spruce up looks and make people feel better about themselves. Remember, if it bothers you, it is likely to shatter your confidence. But cosmetic correction can be a boon to restore it.

Why choose Star Beauty

Certified and Experienced Doctors & Nurses

Our doctors and nurses are experienced and fully certified by the Australian standard.

Dedicated One-on-One Consultation

Every individual is unique. We will only perform a procedure following a proper consultation with our customers.

Advises Given Are Always For Customer's Best Interest

We will only recommend procedures that we believe will truely benefit our customers.

Top Post-Op Care & Follow-Up

After a procedure is performed, our doctors always stay in touch with our customers to ensure we provide the best post-op care possible.

Our Services

Acne Treatment


IV Nutrient

Thread Face Lift

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

Laser for Vascular Issues

Stem Cells Therapy

Body Sculpting

Laser for Pigmentation

PRP for Knee Arthritis Improvement

Muscle Strengthening,
Firming and Toning

Go-to beauty skin specialists in Wentworth Point

No shortcuts are acceptable when choosing a doctor to get cosmetic treatments from. Even though your search can be time-consuming, you don’t want to settle for an indifferent, unskilled specialist who may put your appearance at stake. We realise that.

That is why we have built a team that every patient can trust. It comprises renowned body and face skin specialists with Dr Mirabelle Wang at the helm. They all specialise in cosmetic medicine and have been providing beauty treatments for years on end. Feel free to take a peek at their work in our Gallery section.

Our specialists are qualified to do everything from microneedling to body sculpting and even facelifts. Whatever procedure you need, we will carry it out according to the world’s best practices and Australian medical standards.

The beauty sculpting clinic that cares about the outcome

Once you get around to having some cosmetic tweak, the last thing you want is to end up with a big disappointment. But this will never be the case at our skin beauty clinic in Wentworth Point.

We are so sure about it because all our patients are provided with:

  • highly dedicated approach
  • individual treatment plans
  • recommendations on the best cosmetic solutions
  • ongoing care

There’s no way you will feel abandoned after receiving your treatment. We will monitor your recovery until you bounce back to your better-looking self and are satisfied with the outcome. Your treatment is destined to be a success at Star Beauty Cosmetic, no matter what.

It’s time to decide on the treatment

You should always take your blemishes seriously, whether they are hardly visible dark spots or severe acne. They may signal an underlying health condition that may worsen if left untreated. It’s important that you talk to the specialists at our beauty care centre to map out all the steps on your treatment plan.

Start by requesting a free consultation to describe what imperfections are a nuisance to you. We will then guide you through available treatments and procedures at our laser beauty clinic in Wentworth Point. Plus, we will make sure you are aware of the results you can envision and what else you can do to achieve your perfect look.

With Star Beauty Cosmetic, getting rid of aging signs and other skin flaws is a breeze!

Our Doctors

Dr Mirabelle Wang

Dr Bin Mo

Your consultant at Star Beauty can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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