Laser Treatment for Vascular Issues

Let your lesions diminish with vascular laser treatment in Wentworth Point

What if you could get your birthmarks removed without incisions? Well, vascular laser therapy can do that. It’s an innovative treatment method to eliminate abnormal blood vessels to improve the appearance of lesions on your face or legs. And it has nothing to do with surgery.

Laser therapy works by delivering a beam of high-intensity light into the affected blood vessels for selective heating. It’s tuned to a specific wavelength to target what needs to be targeted. As a result, your vascular irregularities diminish without inflicting damage to the surrounding skin tissue.

Whether you suffer from rosacea or spider veins, Star Beauty Cosmetic can successfully deal with your flaws. We offer vascular laser treatments in Wentworth Point to anyone looking to remove non-cancerous lesions. Get your consultation to discuss what issues are driving you mad.

Why choose us for laser vascular lesion removal in Wentworth Point?

Star Beauty Cosmetic is where you’re meant to be if you think your lesions are a disaster. And here’s why:

  • We use the best laser for vascular lesions in Wentworth Point

The excel V laser from Cutera outperforms other systems for vein-related issues. It allows for precision treatment at a wavelength that can benefit your condition best. The Nd:YAG laser also ensures that the procedure is pain-free while using cold therapy for swollen areas.

  • We can treat a plethora of lesions

If it is benign, it can likely be removed with laser therapy. Because excel V comes with many treatment options, we can use it for leg veins, rosacea, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas and port-wine stains. We will adjust it for your skin type for the smoothest results.

  • Our doctors are well-versed in the procedure

The Cutera vascular laser is just a tool. But when our doctors get their hands on it, it becomes the best remedy for your lesions. We have helped thousands of people with excel V so far. That’s why we know how to ensure your trouble-free laser experience.

  • All our patients receive follow-up care

After lesion removal, we will track how you’re doing and check on your recovery. Follow-up care is included in the vascular laser treatment cost to make sure it fulfils all your expectations.

Vein treatment video

Nose vein treatment video

The big cosmetic upgrade in no time

The laser vascular facial procedure offers impressive results for superficial conditions and deep lesions. Now you can stop putting up with your aesthetic imperfections.

You will notice marked improvements as soon as your first session is over. It may even suffice to get rid of your lesions once and for all. But if one session isn’t enough for your condition, we will provide as many treatments as you need!

Leg veins 1

Leg veins 2

Facial vein 1

Facial vein 2

Rosecea 1

Rosecea 2

Angioma 1

Angioma 2

Telangiectasia 1

Telangiectasia 2

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