PRP for Joint Pain Treatment

Relief is coming: Platelet-rich plasma shots for knees in Wentworth Point

So, you’re cooped up at home because your arthritis symptoms have cranked up. You can’t even take a walk since you’re experiencing a flare-up. If this scenario sounds familiar, you can either ask your doctor to increase your dose of NSAIDs and corticosteroids or try alternative treatments. Knee joint PRP therapy is one of those that you can get at Star Beauty Cosmetic.

That’s right, PRP therapy is more than just the rejuvenation formula. When used in medical treatment, it can help with arthritis in the knees, elbows and even fingers. Like with cosmetic improvements, it makes the most of your blood products in carefully prepared injections. But they are to be given in your joints.

We now extend our range of medical treatments with platelet therapy for knee pain in Wentworth Point. Whether it’s caused by osteoarthritis or a ligament sprain, we can provide you with long-awaited relief without corticosteroids.

The black circle indicates a cluster of platelets. PRP is defined as small volume of plasma with a significant platelet concentration

Centrifuge – External View

Centrifuge – Internal View

Your blood is key to platelet-rich plasma therapy for joints

PRP therapy is the most natural OA treatment option. Neither medications nor other substances are added to plasma before it makes its way into shots. In other words, your blood products are the only ingredients, so there’s no risk of disease transmission or an adverse immune response.

Your treatment with platelet-rich plasma for knee pain will start by assessing how badly your cartilage is damaged. This way, we can determine the stage of your condition and whether PRP shots can improve it.

If your cartilage loss can be restored, we will outline your PRP treatment plan and schedule injection sessions. That’s when our doctors will:

  • obtain your blood sample, which is a painless procedure
  • centrifuge it to remove red and white blood cells from platelet-rich plasma
  • prepare a PRP shot and administer it into the joint being treated

The injection procedure with autologous conditioned plasma is 100% safe. That said, it may cause swelling or a local reaction to anesthesia. To make sure you feel good, our doctors will check how things are going post-treatment. We’re qualified to deliver PRP for knees in Wentworth Point, taking care of our patients every step along their OA recovery way.

Get your mobility back

While the side effects are rare, the improved symptoms are not uncommon. PRP harnesses growth factors to activate the healing process with new healthy cells. Once they accumulate in your body (within several weeks), your knee pain goes away. These cells can also keep your arthritis from getting worse when you combine PRP shots with physical therapy.

Having arthritis doesn’t mean you will no longer be able to move through your normal range of motion. Try PRP for joint pain treatment in Wentworth Point and enjoy all those daily activities again!

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