Thread Face Lift

You always have a choice – Non-surgical thread lift in Wentworth Point

All cosmetic roads lead to surgery, right? Wrong! Rhytidectomy can upgrade your look by eliminating many facial signs of aging. But it’s still surgery. It involves general anesthesia and excess skin removal for the sake of a younger-looking appearance. Not what you expected? Then a thread facelift is the best way to go to V-shape your look without ending up on an operating table.

Think of it as a non-surgical facelift. It helps accentuate your best facial features – from your cheeks to your jawline – without removing the areas that look droopy. You no longer need to take a risk with surgery.

Here you can have an Ultra V thread facelift in Wentworth Point

Ultra V is our choice to build a lifted look for you. It’s a TGA-approved procedure that uses medical-grade PDO sutures in a minimally invasive way. These facial threads are placed underneath your skin with tiny needles where they are pulled tight to firm up the flabby areas. The PDO sutures are dissolvable so that no repeat procedure is needed to take them out.

The Ultra V procedure can target many areas. Consider going for non-surgical facelift threading at our Wentworth Point clinic to:

  • smooth away marionette lines
  • get rid of folds and jowls
  • tighten the saggy neck skin
  • enhance the appearance of your forehead, cheeks and chin

And here comes a great bonus. Once PDO threads are embedded underneath your facial skin, they promote massive collagen production. They do so by causing microtraumas as foreign suture material. These traumas are so minor they have no effects on your appearance or health. Instead, they improve the blood flow to the areas being treated and kick your natural collagen synthesis up a notch.

PDO thread lift: Cost and recovery time

Are you snowed under with work and have no time for cosmetic procedures? Here’s something you will love: we can perform facelift threading in just 30 minutes per area. There’s no downtime so that you can get back to your office right after the procedure. Unlike rhytidectomy, you won’t need to recover for long weeks.

The cost of a thread facelift at Star Beauty Cosmetic is another reason to give up the idea of getting surgery. You may need to fork out a whopping 30,000 AUD for rhytidectomy. Meanwhile, our Ultra V procedure will cost you way, way less.

Star Beauty Cosmetic is here to give you a fresher look with the most favourable face thread lift prices in Wentworth Point. If you want to know how much your Ultra V threading will cost you, call 0468 855 880. Decide on the areas to be pulled up, and we’ll calculate the price for you.

Your consultant at Star Beauty Cosmetic can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure.

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